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If you are realty company owner’s in real estate industry,which the names that you want to choose vs Which one is better ? Feel free to give your vote based this polls

As we know , one of new gTLDs, sold for $200,000.00 in marketplace , buyers is shopify which also have .As Shopify currently chooses to use the .app version for its business and let the .com version be unused. Lets check other examples examples of some top publicly recorded new gTLD sales so far : sold for $500,300.00 sold for $500,000.00 sold for $335 000

********.Realty Sold for $325,000.00 sold for $300,000.00

Live.Chat sold for $125,000.00

And more great sales in new gTLDs names…!!!

What Does It Mean

.REALTY is also new gTLDs extensions names, its not different with .COM , net , or any other extensions. New gTLDs are not so “new” anymore. A good combination of strong real estate keyword and .REALTY extension can fetch significant prices when sold to the right buyer, and the total number of registrations globally is impressive. To conclude:

New .REALTY has great investment potential and can bring a very high ROI for real estate brand / company.

So,Which One is Better InvestedRealty.Com or Invested.Realty

Lets Make an experiment for 5 – 10 minutes.

Make good coffee. After 5 – 10 minutes, try to remember those 3 names in your post.You can not forget the name like Invested.Realty. But you have already completely forgotten names you have advised, I am right?

Latest Score Based Visitors Vote

InvestedRealty.Com : 24 %

Invested.Realty : 76 %

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